Appropriate way. Photos are often also post-processed and content and message are carefully thought out. The best tip here is to try the above yourself, the El Salvador WhatsApp Number List amount of time you lose is not small. 3. Make agreements in advance about the content Write well and tell the highlights of.

Your performance or exhibition

The goal of your influencer campaign is. Agree whether all content will be checked by you as an institution or whether it may appear online immediately. I usually choose the latter myself. The value of influencer content is that it is genuine and authentic. An effect of sincere content is that it can also be critical of your.

Performance or exhibition

El Salvador WhatsApp Number List

By having each other’s expectations clear in advance, you have more control over the content without imposing all kinds of artistic restrictions on the influencer. And that only benefits the quality and creativity of the content. museum culture influencer Photo: Edgar Chaparro via Unsplash 4. Choose reach, engagement and/or content These three effects of influencer marketing do not have to bite each other, but they may not always be equally strong.

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