Will increase their support for eSports in 2022, a fact that demonstrates the opportunities for brands in this field. Surely, in addition to digital interactions, in the future.  We will be able to relate these clubs to physical experiences in the form of meet and greets. With players or creators, tangible cobrandings or customized gaming spaces. So far, KOI has already shown that. You can build a brand in a different way. To begin with, with a name and an identity that we were able to develop from Summa, inspired by the Japanese legend of the koi carp that turns into a dragon and whose message, beyond aesthetics, presents a story of growth and personal improvement. To continue, presenting the brand to 15,000 people in a live event at the Palau Sant Jordi last December.

Finally with the transparency of communicating

Finally, with the transparency of communicating the creation of the brand practically in real time, interacting with its followers and creating a community Clipping Path Service that goes far beyond eSports. In this sense, KOIHe has opted for entertainment from the beginning, being consistent with the content, finding the ideal spaces and talking one-on-one with his followers. The best thing about these brands is their untethered DNA. They do not understand rules, conventions or borders, and this allows them to reformulate the rules of the game as far as branding is concerned and interact with their public in a much more fluid, direct and transparent way. Another example can be found in brands like FaZe Clan or G2, which today are better explained from the media concept than from the eSports concept. They have their teams, their merchandising and their community.

Clipping Path Service

Their discourse goes far beyond putting a logo

Their discourse goes far beyond putting a logo on a shirt. It is about having an inspiring and transversal story that connects with the culture of a new generation. Ibai Executive List Llanos himself pointed in this direction at the KOI presentation ceremony and tried to break with the labels, something very necessary to build the future of this type of brand: “It is an eSports club that really does not have to be an eSports club. You’re right, Ibai. You are not wrong.To taste the colors? Roderic Molins To taste the colors? Posted on February 1, 2022 From a very young age we know what our favorite color is.  And many times we make choices based on our affinity for that color. For example, my favorite color is red and whenever. I can I choose it, either in ludo or when buying a mug. But should we let ourselves be carried away by taste. Or affinity for a color when the choice is linked to a process of creating a new brand or rebranding.

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