The world has gone mobile and digital marketers are taking

every opportunity to connect with consumers on their mobile devices. Display, social, and search marketing efforts on mobile have more consumers choosing to convert over the phone. This has increased the volume of inbound customer calls to businesses, which analyst firm BIA/Kelsey predicts will reach 162 billion in 2019. It is crucial that digital marketers have the right data to optimize their mobile marketing for call conversions. This requires call attribution software. If you’re marketing over mobile channels, these are 9 call attribution metrics you can’t live without.

1. Phone-Through-Rate (PTR)

PTR is the first metric mobile marketers should Controlling Directors Email Lists see when analyzing their call attribution data. Our DialogTech Insights report found the average PTR from mobile landing pages is 2.3%, and right on par with form fills at 2.4%. Marketers who can’t properly attribute phone leads could be missing 49% of their digital ROI – not a mistake many marketers can afford to make.

2. Sources That Drive Calls

Controlling Directors Email Lists
Once you have a good understanding of your overall PTR, it’s time to drill down and discover which sources drive the most calls to your business. Start with paid versus organic and continue to dig deeper from there. With this data you can determine which campaigns drive the most call conversions, allowing you to optimize across all mobile channels.

3. Top Converting Keywords
Digital marketers obsessively adjust their keyword bidding for paid search, but withoutcomplete conversion data you can’t confidently make those decisions. By integrating call attribution data with Google Adwords, you can track call conversions right next to

your form conversions and make the most informed bid adjustments. Marketers can take it one step further by integrating call data with Google Analytics to associate true

monetary value to both your call conversions and keywords.

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