If you have ever logged onto the Internet and registered an email account (which I’m one hundred percent certain you have), you already know what spam is.But, just for clarity purposes, today I’m talking about unsolicited, unwanted emails that are sent to hundreds of recipients in bulk.But did you know why it’s actually called spam?Fun fact: it is actually a direct reference to one of Monty Python’s skits where an owner of a diner keeps yelling SPAM over and over again because Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List every single meal is with it.One of the visitors is upset because they don’t like spam, while another one proclaims they love it. In just two minutes, the word “spam” flies off their mouths at least a hundred times (at least it feels like it).

8 Reasons Why Cold Emails End Up To Spam

But what does it have to do with cold emailing? Everything.Email service providers have gotten pretty good at blocking actual spam emails, but they are not perfect.So, sometimes, even legitimate (and even very important messages) can end up in the spam folder.Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List And the harsh truth is that if an email finds itself in that folder, there is a 99.9% chance that it will never be seen. I can’t remember the last time I’ve checked my spam folder, do you?So, if your cold email gets flagged, it is as good as lost.This is bad for a number of reasons:

Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List

Your Content Triggered The Spam Filter

Firstly, it’s obviously frustrating. Why did Google think your legitimate business email was junk? It’s detrimental to your email outreach. For example, if you’re doing link building outreach and your account gets flagged as spammy, your emails will just hit a wall and nobody will see them. That’s happened to me before, and I had to reset my account, which doesn’t take too long, Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List but still extra hassle.It costs you revenue. If you rely on email as one of the channels for your eCommerce sales strategy, every flagged message can potentially cost you a sale. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why it’s bad.If you’re hiring an outreach agency, and their emails get flagged as spam, you will also be paying for essentially nothing. What good are their services if nobody will actually see their messages?

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