Do you have Google Analytics installed on Training Directors Email Lists your site, but don’t understand its reports? Do your attempts to read the numbers leave you confused and confounded? Do you lack the umpteen hours needed to study in the Google Academy, but need to read your Analytics now?

Well, read on, user

Training Directors Email Lists

I’ve got a bunch of fun ways to view your Google Analytics you can implement now.

Google Analytics is such a powerful tool that it can provide almost too much information for average WordPress users to comprehend. Instead of floundering around amid the pages of charts and timelines, it’s smart to sort what you need to know into views you can chew on.

If you don’t have Google Analytics installed, read this post about how to get it there. Once installed it will take a day or so to see the numbers on your Google Analytics dashboard.

View your Google Analytics
When you first open your Google Analytics Home page, you’ll see all the web properties you own.

Google Analytics home page

By default you get the indented view by which clicking on one property opens it to a basic view of Sessions, Average Session Duration, Bounce Rate, and Goal Conversion Rate.

What’s a Bounce Rate? For all sessions that start with the page, Bounce Rate is the percentage that were the only one of the session. In other words, the amount of pages where one was read before the user left the site. Over 50% Bounce Rate is not good.

Goal Conversion Rate is the percentage of pages where the user completed a goal. For that to show, you need to create goals, which I’ll explain soon.

Clicking on the list Mode button shows all those metrics for all your properties for the dates shown in the upper right corner.

See, you’re already reading Google Analytics!

Now, we’ll drill down.

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