Whether you’re setting out to start a blog of your own, or you’re planning to move your existing site to a new hosting company—you’re ready to try out a new web hosting experience. Hence the need to check out some honest Bluehost reviews today, right? One of the first Kazakhstan Email List hosting providers you’ll likely come across is Bluehost… which is why I’ve researched and compiled a collection of 25+ Bluehost reviews to paint an honest, objective picture of all the pros and cons Bluehost has to offer as a hosting company.

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As with all things, though… no customer experience (when you have millions of people using your product) will always be exactly the same. And in some of the Bluehost reviews here in this list, you’ll see that others have had less than stellar experiences with the company’s Kazakhstan Email List support team. It’s important for me to remember that there are always a variety of factors that influence an individual support experience (both positively and negatively)—so know that while most of the Bluehost reviews I’ve read tend to cite their 24/7 live chat and phone support as a top reason they’ve stuck with them, not everybody has shared that same sentiment.

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They’ve Built A Solid Reputation

I strongly believe Bluehost is hands down the best hosting company for brand new bloggers and website owners to get started with. However, you can do without most of the add-on upsells they recommend during the “Package Extras” section of their checkout page like you’ll see here: I recommend only keeping the Domain Privacy Protection extra —and you can get away Kazakhstan Email List with skipping the rest. In my extensive guide to starting a blog, I walk through the many free and cheap plugins & tools you can use for things like SEO optimization, additional security and site back-ups, thus making most of these other package extras not necessary. Having the domain privacy

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