Do you remember this movie poster? Maybe the girl covered in blood in the woods wearing a tattered vest and holding a length of chain spoke to you in a way that the heroine looking at a tough. Rugged man against the backdrop of the Wild West did. Not done. Images can frame a narrative – the smiling adventurers on a travel app. The simple clasped hands on a dating site. – and imply a story in which the user can also become a part. Images can also be active (our group adventure hike for example) or passive. Active images promote movement and action. While still images are much more contemplative and relaxing.

We Know That Scrolling Isn’t Enough Great Social Media Apps

thrive not only on consuming images. And small comments but also on how users can interact with other people’s posts. Whether it’s alike, a share. Or a comment. Why are these interactions so important in creating an emotional connection equally important, Well. These thumb-press interactions mimic the Buy Iran WhatsApp Numbers real-life social interactions we have that create and maintain our relationships. They are not users in a vacuum they contribute to the feeling of satisfaction of others and share their opinions in support or in opposition. Emotionally intelligent design isn’t just about likes and shares. Users are involved

With the Human Side of Apps. Including the Team Behind the

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You may have noticed that the generic 404 error pages (“Page not found”) have been replaced by weird messages. We couldn’t find what you are looking for”. It’s a more personal touch. “Yes” buttons are now more likely to be “OK!” or “Understood!” » With a personalized experience, users are more likely to engage with the app.  The feel-good factor of an app that adapts to you can’t be denied either.




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