We all want ultra-fast smartphones that run applications quickly and offer maximum battery life. We would have bought a shiny new phone. It works very fast and withholds battery life for a few days, but after a few months, you’ll notice that the phone isn’t as fast as it used to be.

There are several ways here. It can improve the performance of your phone and help it work faster and better with longer battery life. Your cell phone has a finite amount of storage that can fill up quickly. Regularly used apps create new files to store information. These temporary data files are called caches, and a significant portion of your Android phone’s storage space is filled with cache files. Cache files are important and usually you don’t have to mess with them. However, manually deleting the cache files from your mobile phone will help you clean up your storage.

This Is a Very Common Problem on Android. when You Run 

you won’t be able to install new apps from the Play Store, and in some cases even take photos and videos. Also, some apps may not open, causing your smartphone to hang or slow down. The easiest step to handle this case is to make a complete backup of all your photos and videos on your PC. Then check out the gallery to remove unimportant photos and videos. If that’s not a big deal, you can also delete all photos and videos from your phone.

Almost all Android tips and tricks guides recommend keeping only the apps you use every day. Doesn’t it sound obvious? Why not keep things you don’t need at home just because it’s free? Philippines Photo Editor 

 Philippines Photo Editor

Well, Our Homes Are Often Clogged with Such Things,

but do we need to do the same with our smartphones?

The various apps installed on your smartphone are always running and you need to be connected to the internet to continue working. And if these apps don’t help, you just put a strain on your hardware and increase your data bills. Getting rid of such apps would be a wise move on the road to speeding up your Android phone.


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